Malaysian Datin (female Dato) offer Andy Lau to sleep with her

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Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 23:53:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Malaysian Datin (female Dato) offer Andy Lau to sleep with her

HONG KONG : Mafia threats aren't the only reason why Hong Kong
superstar Andy Lau decided to keep his relationship with long-time
girlfriend, now wife, Carol Chu, a secret.

According to media reports, the Heavenly King had received an
'indecent proposal' by a Malaysian Datuk (an honorary title bestowed
by the Sultan) to spend the night together after she became infatuated
with the star.

While the 47-year-old politely declined her request, he kept his
relationship with Chu under wraps to protect the latter. Last week,
Lau came under fire for not acknowledging Chu to protect her after
being threatened by the infamous Hong Kong mafia.

In 1983, Lau was just starting out his career with the hit television
drama series "Return of the Condor Heroes". His popularity was gaining
all over Asia and won over the hearts of many female fans, reported
Malaysia’s Guang Ming Daily.

As the television series exposed Lau to the Asian market, he often had
to travel to Malaysia for promotional events and appearances. These
were often well attended and it was at one of these events that the
Datuk came to know of Lau.

Regarding Lau as the "man of her dreams", the Datuk was present at
every event in which he appeared. She also often gained access
backstage to get closer to him.

Lau was oblivious initially and thought that she was just an over
zealous fan or one of the event organisers in charge of autographs and
photo-taking sessions. Little did he know that she had expected much

Rejecting her request, Lau had told her the he "was tired and wanted
to return to his hotel to rest".

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