340,000 give up Malaysian citizenship every year

From: Masturbating Myself
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 17:04:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 340,000 give up Malaysian citizenship every year

The number of people emigrating this year (2009) is estimated to be
340,000. Further, more than half this number are professionals.
Malaysia is the loser in this sorry equation, and though some among us
boast ‘if you dont like it, leave it’, this sorry reply will sooner or
later be exposed for the stupid vain boast that it is.

The outflow of human resource - the most precious possession that any
country can claim - is perhaps one of the few peaceful acts that the
ordinary citizen can perform today in protest to their unfair
treatment. The country loses, and we all lose too in the process. But
the ruling elite in Malaysia today has to ask itself this simple
question: Why is so many Malaysians chosing to leave the country of
their birth (estimated to be more than 2 million over the last 20
years and increasing at an alarming rate), what were the factors that
prompted them to do so, and what could the elite have done to win and
retain their confidence in the Malaysia.

What is a Nation without it’s people? The wealth of a Nation is in
what it’s people can produce and when the cream of your people start
heading for the exit in droves – something is dreadfully wrong. The
tyrants will soon be faced with the prospects of ruling a Nation of
Zombies that expect to be cuddled and spoon fed all the way from
cradle to grave.

Disclaimer:- some of the comments above are extracts from an article
written by Farish A Noor from the Human Rights Party of Malaysia.



  1. Why stay in a racist country.The ass-holes corrupt n greedy is doing dreadfull wrong to the people.I m not a malaysian citizen any more.Allah Akkbar.

  2. I'm really disappointed with Malaysia~~ I love everything in Malaysia but not the policy & corrupted government!! I'm planning to get the UK passport in 7 years as i'm still studying in the lovely UK now! Ya so what? if you dont like it, leave it.. I DONT LIKE IT, I LEAVE IT THEN

  3. I'm giving up my Malaysian citizenship and taking up Singapore citizenship because the BN govt treats me as a second/third/fourth class citizen because of my skin colour. I left Malaysia when I was 12 to study abroad but went back to work for 2.5 years in the late 90s. It was then that I saw the true extent of the racism which has even penetrated the private sector. Imagine this: my Malay boss said that he could not take me to a particular meeting because the (Malay) GM of this company may not give us the business as I am Chinese.

    In any case, I feel sick when I read reports of how the non-bumis are marginalised, the lack of meritocracy at both public and private sectors and how the politicians are raping the country of its wealth. On the flipside of the coin, Malaysia is already marginalised in the financial markets - ask any regional or global fund manager and they will say they only invest in the KLSE as a last resort.

    It's time to say goodbye to Malaysia. I was born in the year of the rat, and this rat is definitely deserting this sinking ship.

  4. Malaysia is a beautiful and wonderful country that is poor managed!

  5. If the Malaysian government does not change now,I assure that it will become bankrupt in future.