All rich non Malays beware

From: "Samsuddin"
Subject: Re: All rich Chinese or non Malays beware

You are indeed a despicable pig for telling such lies about my ethnicity.
"Allah , your only god Allah , you are only allowed to have me as your only
God , you are only authorised to have Allah as your only God ."
wrote in message

Sam Suddin is a Chink

> It is possible on your death, there may appear two Muslims who will be
> willing to swear that you have converted to Islam and thus your wealth
> will
> be taken over by the Sharia Court since you will not be able to object or
> challenge the truth of the statement since you are dead. The fact that you
> may still be taking pork before your last breath and doing everything you
> are not suppose to do is immaterial and irrevelant. A non Muslim's
> testimony in a Sharia Court is worthless against the testimony of a
> Muslim.
> Can anyone declare that Muslims never lie and believe the statement?

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