I am lucky to be a Malay.

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Subject: I am lucky to be a Malay

Posted by: musings82
Being born a malay I am guilty of being ignorant of a lot of
things.Truthfully I should not have used that as an excuse because as
fellow Malaysians I should realize how screw up the system is.How
unfair it is to be taking care of just one race while ignoring the

A friend of mine once told me that I didn't realize how lucky I am to
have everything practically handed to me.Naturally I was offended at
that time.In my mind I was thinking ' hey I scored straight A's in my
exam too,I deserved that scholarship.'

Since then I have a lot of time to think about it.I was missing the
point.My friend wasn't telling me that I didn't deserve my life ,he
was just saying that I have more opppurtunities thrust to me compared
to other friends from different races.I am so comfortable with what I
have that I didn't realize that other people with the same grades and
some with better ones are being neglected because they are not born a

I was too busy feeling sorry for myself,comparing myself to other
malay friends who drove mini coopers to college but still managed to
secure a scholarship because they have the right names.I have
forgotten those that have to work hard to achieve their dreams.Those
sacrifices some have to make just to go to college.I used to have a
friend in high school who worked at night in her parent's hawker stall
just to help pay the tuition fees.I met her last year at a wedding and
I am proud to say that she is now an engineer,thanks to her own hard
work and dedications.

Sometimes it takes a major event to make someone really see the world
as it is.Unfortunately I have to learn it the hard way but I am not
sorry for the experience because I hope that I can be a better
person,someone that is more sensitive to her friends and colleagues
and is not influenced by what the politicians are trying to ram down
our throats.I may not be able to change anything but I hope all the
other malays out there can realize the sufferings of our fellow
malaysians and try to make this country a better place.

Please stop giving excuses that we are busy saving our brothers and
sisters in countries like Indonesia when we can't even save our real
brothers and sisters in our own country,regardless of their skin
colours.Real siblings are not those that are related to us by
blood ,they are those people who stand by you when you need them.

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