Dr M you killed democracy in Malaysia

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Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 23:42:02 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: 'Dr M, you killed democracy in Malaysia'

'Dr M, you killed democracy in Malaysia'
Nov 24, 09 7:47am'That is your legacy. You silenced the voices of
dissent in no uncertain terms. And in the end, the monsters your
created devoured you in the process.'

Dr M on democracy and sore losers:
Democracy is the best system for politics ever invented by man, according to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Suhaimi Said: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I remember you as a dictator.
Hundreds of people were detained under ISA during your rule. So don't
talk about democracy. I was a victim of your dictatorship.

Equaliser: Dr Mahathir, you killed democracy in Malaysia - that is
your legacy. We don't need people like you anymore in this blessed
country. You are a Malay nationalist, that's all. You didn't serve all
of Malaysia's people, which include the Chinese, Indians, and other
ethnic groups.

A statesman is one who has served his country's people well and
promoted democratic values and principles within government
institutions and society as whole. You silenced voices of dissent in
no uncertain terms. And in the end, the monsters you've created
devoured you in the process.

Yes, you created monsters greedy for money and power, and who were
willing to use any means necessary to acquire them. This country has
failed to serve all its people and continues to do so. You began the
trend of money politics and this is the result of your actions.

Just watch the news daily and you can see how lop-sided the coverage
is in favour of the ruling party, and this right in front of our very
own eyes. If only all Malaysians would open their eyes and ears to see
and listen, they would know what to do come the 13th general election.

Kris: It has been estimated that during Mahathir's premiership, the
amount of taxpayers' money allegedly misused by him and his cronies
was in the region of hundreds of billions. To carry out this, he
completely destroyed the judiciary and the enforcement agencies by
replacing the honest top officials in these agencies with tainted
officials who could be blackmailed into doing his bidding.

By having these people under his thumb and by controlling the media
and the civil service, he ensured that he literally had dictatorial
powers. To make sure that all the crooked deals that he made were not
known to the public, he enacted laws like the Official Secrets Act.

In short, he was a premier who manipulated the democratic system to
give himself dictatorial powers. That is why it is extremely
disgusting to hear this man pontificating on democracy or corruption.
Playfair: It is sad but not surprising that Dr Mahathir continues to
peddle half-truths to justify his opinions. He reduces democracy to a
one-dimensional event - elections - and fails to refer to other
equally important elements that constitute the package called

He speaks of "sore losers", but what about the 'tyranny of the
majority' (which he should be all too familiar with)? A system
cultivated and nourished through dubious means and made legal through
a two-thirds majority and then used to subvert national institutions
to do the bidding of the majority - sore losers are nothing compared
to this tyranny.

Asian values were promoted as an ideology to restrict mass political
participation, good governance, transparency and accountability. The
sacking of Anwar Ibrahim could not have been more un-Asian, not to
mention un-Islamic, un-Malay and un-Malaysian (if Umno will allow the
use of such a term).

Please keep speaking, sir, so that we can find out how you worked your
way to remain in power for so long.

TC88: Talk about sore losers. Mahathir is probably a hypocrite. When
Umno was declared illegal and Mahathir's position as its leader and
prime minister was sorely threatened, he sacked the then Lord
President and the five Supreme Court (now called the Federal Court)
judges when he knew the verdict was not going to be in his favour.

Dr Mahathir, you destroyed the very fabric of Malaysia's public
institutions, its constitution, the judiciary, the enforcement
agencies like the police, attorney-general, and the then ACA

This has been highlighted by Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah) in his
speeches. Please do the honourable thing and retire, and just keep
quiet like your anointed successor, Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi),
the Father of Malaysia's Conscience.

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