Once upon a time in malaysia............

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Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 18:55:00 -0800 (PST)
Once upon a time in malaysia............
Posted by: blitzkreig
Once upon a time in malaysia,as told by my elderly relatives, there
were racial harmony and racism was something rare.

As potrayed in the late P.Ramlee's movies,although there were certain
scenes where racial slurs were included but it was not offensive and
definitely different from today's movie where racial slurs are not
only distasteful but unartistic and offensive.

That aside,just a decade ago,there was a thoughtful gesture by the
government to share celebrations of the malaysian races by giving them
thoughtful names depa-raya and kongsi-raya and although it sounds
funny but malayians seems to appreciate the kind gesture and for a few
years everyone was happily joking about it until some racist wannabe
politician pointed out that it was unislamic and disrespectful to
share because hari raya is second to none and all other religious
festivities cannot be on par and suddenly more racist came out to
condemn festive promotions and anything and everything that can be
manipulated to boost their political career and the sad thing is that
the government bowed to pressure of these racist and "there goes the
neighbourhood" !!!!

From then on,more and more oppourtunists took the cue and start trying
their luck fanning racial unrest as a stepping stone for their
political career and hurling racial slurs in public and even in
Parliament !!!!!

Sadly,the government choose to turn a blind eye to these racist ploys
and today,this is the result.

Anyone can argue to the contrary but i think the results speak for
itself or otherwise the govt wouldnt have spent so much time and money
fixing what was not broken !!!!

My advise to the govt is,if we are sincere about eradicating racism
then those from UMNO who keeps provoking other races should be brought
to the books or better yet,sacked !!!!why let one bad apple spoil the
whole bunch !!!!

but ,then again,thats only if the government is sincere....

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