MCA Liow Gang try fool other cc members to resign

From: ckeong
MCA Liow gang try to fool the other CC members to resign while they
themself remain non-commited and play safe. If they really walk the
talk and not power crazy, they should tender their resignation
immediately effective, and not a "IF" letters. A say he would resign
if only B resign, then B say he would resign if A resign, but no one
is actual resigned, the number still ZERO. Say, what if another 10 cc
members also tender a "IF" resign letters ? Because no one is actually
resigned, the "IF" other resign condition is not met, so the number
still ZERO !! This would create a infinity loop problem.

The 13 CC members resigned is a miss-leading, actually it still remain
ZERO !! Liow gang, You want to play the game, but don't want to put in
the chips, and trying to fool other to put in the chips for you !!
Don't fool us anymore, tender a real immediate taking effect
resignation instead

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