Dr M: Forget the roots we're Malaysians

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Subject: Dr M: Forget the roots, we're Malaysians

Dr M: Forget the roots, we're Malaysians>

But who makes us chinese and Indian??
Posted by: vijaysvk1

The Chinese and Indians have to set aside their respective country of
origin and start calling themselves Malaysians for the success of the
1Malaysia concept, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Tun are you alright?I do not think we chinese and Indian do bother
about country of origin or our forefather and we know we born here and
we are Malaysian..But do you ever treat as Malaysian....You are the
one who create gap between teh races...I dont think so Tunku,Tun Razak
or Tun Hussein did that but you through "quoting your own word - UMNO
the racist party tear apart the Malaysian into different races so that
you can rule them easily as how the English did ....divide and
rule...I grow as Malaysian until when i become adult I know I am not
considered Malaysian but Indian and my felllow friends as
chinese.....You are the one who call us Indian and Chinese in almost
everywhere in this country...Why if you want us to known as Malaysian
then never abolish the racial party during your time as how THE GREAT
Dato Onn Jaafar wanted?????.....anyway we know we all MALAYSIAN and we
have equal right in this country as wethere chinese Malay or Indian
we have very long history then what is written in history book and
historical Bujang Valley and Kota Gelanggi can be witness for

Saya Anak Malaysia.......Politician are the one who divide us.....but
we Malaysian are still together

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