Nazri: Mahathir is racist

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Subject: Re: Nazri: Mahathir is racist

On Dec 8, 7:03 pm, "caroline" wrote:
> Of course he is without a doubt. Malaysians are quite tired of listening to
> him crabbing along. The current Leaders have no guts to challenge him
> because he has a file on all of them with their little fingers soiled. they
> are all praying and hoping that he collapses and never to be seen again."Tanki" <> wrote in message

> KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 7, 2009) : Minister in the Prime Minister’s
> department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz lashed out at former Prime
> Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, calling him a "racist" for saying
> there was no need to revamp the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) or National
> Civics Bureau training modules.

> Speaking to reporters in Parliament lobby today, Nazri said while he
> agreed with the former premier that BTN is for instilling the
> patriotic spirit, Nazri said the patriotism should not only be for the
> Malays.

> Mahathir said last Sunday that there was no reason for the BTN modules
> to be revamped and felt it was better to retain the modules.

> "You must remember during his time when he (Mahathir) was the PM, he
> was talking about (how) we must all think as Malaysians, now that he’s
> not PM, (and when) you read his blogs, it’s bloody racist. I don’t
> like that."

> "He must be a Malaysian (regardless if) he’s a minister or not. He
> must walk his talk. Just because he wanted everyone to support him
> (then), you’re (a) Malaysian and the moment you’re no longer PM, you
> only talk about the Malays.

> "I cannot accept his comments. I strongly feel the BTN courses must be
> inline with the 1Malaysia slogan by the PM," said Nazri .

> He also rubbished claims that the Cabinet decided to revamp the BTN
> curriculum due to Nazri’s call. A columnist (Awang Selamat) in a local
> weekend publication (Mingguan Malaysia) claimed the revamp of the BTN
> curriculum was due to Nazri’s call to be in line with the Prime
> Minister’s 1Malaysia slogan.

> "It’s a cabinet decision. BTN’s allocation is mentioned in the PM’s
> department’s budget so it’s public money. Therefore, the money spent
> on BTN to have courses must reflect the 1Malaysia slogan by the PM.

> "It should not only to raise patriotism among the Malays or
> Bumiputras."

> "Malaysia is for all races so I disagree with any syllabus which only
> concentrates on patriotism just on one community."

> "If they have a problem with that, I want to know what their problem
> is," said Nazri adding the decision for the Cabinet to revamp BTN was
> done when the 1Malaysia slogan was introduced by the Prime Minister.

> He also said the spirit of patriotism should be instilled in all
> races. Nazri in not too many words also agreed that the BTN courses
> promoted racism.

> "You want me to lie? You (will) make people laugh. I mean there are
> people who attended the courses who came out very angry, so I want
> them to tell me where I went wrong in not supporting the revamping of
> the BTN syllabus," added Nazri.

Just look at the facts.
He is an ethnic Indian. Biologically he is an Indian. Can he deny
that? But he is going around claiming to be more Malay than Malay.
Why? Because the Malaysian Constitution classifies him as Malay. How
Now look at his name. I have done some research and found that it is
Maha = Great; Thir = short form of "theeran" = warrior.
So Mahathir means Great Warrior in Sanskrit. Hence, basically Indians
are ruling Malaysia. And the Malays are not even aware of it.
So Mahathir is not a racist. An Indian cannot be a Malay racist. So
what is he?
Hee hee hee


  1. Dr M - the sick old bastard

  2. Rise oppressed Malaysians, clean up this mess.Mathatir sodomised u,dont ever forget.Its time to grill his ass