Health a good reason to remove sugar subsidy

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Tan: Health a good reason to remove sugar subsidy


IPOH: The Government has good intentions in wanting to remove its
sugar subsidy, Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Ministry
Deputy Minister Datuk Tan Lian Hoe said.

“It’s not about the money, but the rising rate of Malaysians getting
diabetes, obesity, cancer and other diseases related to the high
intake of sugar

This is teh great Joke By The deputy minister...the minster and the
government........We know you only wants money.....I can 100% says
that the consumption of sugar wont go down even the price goes
up.....There is no corelation between subsidy and health....ANyway we
Malaysian entitled for subsidy as this our land and we are entitle to
enjoy the revenue by the government in teh form of
SUBSIDY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all those talk that subsidy money will be use for
development is RUBBISH talk...enough...

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