Brain Drain from Malaysia

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The Brain Drain Plan
Posted by: Yogeswaran Gopala Krishnan
We have talked and debated about the brain drain situation in
Malaysia. It is happening in front of our very own eyes and more often
then not, we are left wondering why not enough is done to plug this

Now, if we carefully think about it, maybe the country can benefit
from brain drains.

We have a growing number of unemployed graduates who can’t speak
English. If the clever ones who are able to articulate in English can
leave the country, we would have enough jobs for these low performers.

Malaysia is not a design hub but more of a Manufacturing/Agricultural
country. Let’s face it, we don’t have to be rocket scientists to
control operators and make sure factory operations runs. It does not
even have to run efficiently as Malaysia does have a certain low
production cost advantage to all these multinational companies, who
will likely to continue to invest.

Yes, going backwards is the way forward……it will benefit the country
and politicians.

Low performers do not need to be highly paid. Where are they going to
go? They are not competitive and cannot survive anywhere else except
in Malaysia. They are not smart, English illiterates, contented
without any ambition and hence easily controlled and manipulated.

With all the highly paid intelligent people gone (they are now
Singapore’s problem), the country can is able to function at a lower

Sure, income from the taxes will be reduced but we have PETRONAS, to
take care of the Politician’s….ahem….the People’s needs as there will
be more oil money to go around – remember, there will less intelligent
people to question how the money is being spent.

The unintelligent people will not argue and will grab whatever crumbs
(i.e. Development Projects) that are thrown at them.

The Plan is Fail Proof!

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