Stolen Engines and Missing Plane in Mindef

From: The Cynic
This is an extract from the Star newspaper on 21 Dec 09:
"Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi later admitted that it was
inside job and it was reported that a brigadier-general, who was a
department head at the time, and 40 other armed forces personnel were
sacked last year over the incident. On why the brigadier-general
continued to receive his pension and other retirement benefits despite
the sacking, Najib said such decisions would depend on the wrong that
was committed by the brigadier-general and it would be up to the Armed
Forces to decide on that."

The BG who was involved in the treachery continues to receive his full
pension benefits. Why? Reasons may vary:
- he is a relative of a top man.
- he is the link of foreign powers (Iran?) which want the engines.
- he is the fall guy for those involved in the theft.

For all you know, the Malaysian intelligence agency, the Special
Branch, might be also involved in some way as it is doubtful that they
are not aware of happenings of events concerning the nation's

Ah, but then the brazen robbery at a military armoury of weapons, the
use of explosives to blow up a Mongolian model and the subsequent low
profiling of the incident, the acquittal of a lawyer alleged to be
involved with the appointment of judges, and other such cases say only
one thing - DISGRACEFUL.

From: Tanki <>
Subject: Stolen Engines and Missing Plane in Mindef

my greatest respect to those great intellectuals, capable,
knowledgeable, educated, lordship or supreme leadership.

Thats is what we need for some one to lead us. While after coming as
the top leader, then only realized that, during his tenureship, full
of filth had happen in his Ministry.

How come, a person with such greatness (so-called), unity leader by
his calling to be one, eloquent some say, but were totally a BIG FAT
ZERO of what is happening on his ministry, previously.

Wonder what else is also missing? Just 1 engine or 2 engine or the
whole aeroplane.

So what is transparency, efficiency and capability.

So to the BIG ONE guy, rather than thinking of getting the new taxes
better think of recovering all the wasted monies.

Malaysia really boleh, in terms of being mediocre, humiliated,
corrupted and wasteful.

By the way, I'm wondering the few stooges that proclaims greatness for
the BN government. How do you think, (if you pay taxes) the 50Million
MYR was jual

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