Warren Buffett and President Barack Obama are related

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Warren Buffett and President Barack Obama are related, according to
genealogists at Ancestry.com.

But you have to go back a few hundred years to make the connection.

In a news release today, the company says its research shows President
Obama and Buffett are "7th cousins three times removed."

The common link: Mareen Duvall, a Frenchman who arrived in Maryland in
the 1650s as an indentured servant and later became a successful,
politically conservative land owner and merchant.

Ancestry.com's research shows Duval is President Obama's 9th great-
grandfather and Buffett's 6th great-grandfather.

In the release, genealogist Anastasia Tyler has this quote:

"We've all watched Pres. Obama and Warren Buffett's ongoing
association, from Buffett's official endorsement of Obama's 2008
presidential campaign to their sometimes differing views on economic
policy. Like most family members, the President and Buffett may not
always agree on everything, but this latest discovery confirming they
are related may shed light on why the two seem to see eye-to-eye on
many issues."

Or it may not. Seems like a stretch to me, but all in good fun.

Ancentry.com got some headlines in 2007 when it determined that
President Obama and actor Brad Pitt are related. They are 9th

That means Warren Buffett is more closely related than Brad Pitt to
the leader of the free world.

And if you're wondering, while Warren Buffett and musician Jimmy
Buffett are friends, both play stringed musical instruments, and long
thought a family relationship was possible, DNA analysis has
determined they are not related.

Alex Crippen

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