Juz return from holiday in Singapore!

Juz return from holiday in Singapore!
Posted by: limbilly

Yah, even with X2.5 conversion rate, I rate this trip amazing,
exciting and valuable.

It never amaze myself, the great maintenance and management done on
their facilities, public transport and infrastructure.

Since this is personal holiday trip with my wife, decided to walk
along the streets in SG like backpackers.

Anyway, I do find, eventhough 2.5conversion, yet stuffs like
Timberland, GAP, Nautica, CK, Gucci, Cartier, Mathur Farker, Esprit,
Mango and more, after conversion back to MYR were still cheaper even
inclusive of 7%GST.

Probably, since SG is an entreport and does not apply import and
excise tax too imported materials, consumer can get themselves better

Lucky to SGreans in this case compared to us, paying all the added
taxes. Imagine we can get offer items of Timberland jeans @ 69SGD =
172MYR. Where can we get such price in Malaysia for this brand.

Taxi were cheaper and no forcing consumer on monopoly like KLIA. In
SG, we can flag a taxi up to our choice. In KLIA you were paksa to buy
KLIA Limo. Yet comparing Changi to Orchard versus KLIA to Mid-valley,
distance we similar, but in SG I pay 12SGD= 30MYR yet in Malaysia I
pay 48MYR from KLIA to Mid-valley.

Added, service and quality were poorer compared to SG cab. They uses
Sonata, Stream, Toyota Crown, which was much spacious and clean
compared with the Wajas, Wiras or Iswaras.

For the SG Zoo's and Nite-Safari, oh please Zoo Negara, Zai Taiping
and Zoo Melaka, belajar dari yang pandai, apa itu interesting,
educational and exciting Zoos.

People can have properly manage, clean and well maintained
Restaurants, Dining and Recreational facilities inside a zoo. Yet we
could not even maintain a clean toilets in our zoo.

Really a pale comparison from Zoo Melaka, Zoo Taiping and Zoo Negara
compared with Singapore's Zoo+Nite Safari.

Security and safety were never a concerned walking on their streets.
With bags and bags of our ferverous shopping spree in Vivo City,
Orchard Central and Wisma Atria, while walking in Geylang after dinner
and walking back to our hotel after picture snapping in Orchards
Christmax decorations and yuletide celebrations.

They even have Marsh like, lake type, man-made waterfall gardens built
ontop of a 12storey shopping in Orchard Road. Imagine the view and the
feeling. It is greens inside a city.

Honestly Malaysia, we still have plenty to learn from SG in
maintenance, proper management, good tourism attraction and what
people views in safety/security.

It is definitely great compared to our quite or lukewarm feeling of

I'll rate, the fun and greatness 8 in the scale of 10.

The only thing that is lousier than Malaysia is the food, yeah it is
still better at our side.

So satisfy with my shopping, it is actually a well spend holiday.

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