Allah issue - Why Christians are Lying and Misleading

From: "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad"
Subject: Re: Is "Allah" a registered trademark of the Muslim god?
On Jan 9, 7:21 pm, "Alexx" wrote:

> The following should be issued a patent number or patent pending:
> Chinese god = Tua Pek Kong
> Muslim god = Allah
> Christian god = God (can also use "Arrah" if they want to avoid conflict
> with the majority of the numb-skull Malaysian Malay muslims)
> Hindu god = Many names and types (needs a very wide patent)

Not really. It is just not to confuse people. Allah is viewed by
intelligent and well read people as being the God as described in
Islam, which is very different from the God described in Christianity.

If Christianity want to use the word Allah also, they should use it
for all translations since the early days, but which they don't.
Why only now? Why can't Christians use the correct translation for God
which is Tuhan in Malay and ILA in Arabic, instead of the same name
for God
as in Islam, i.e. Allah?

Why only in Muslim majority areas that the Christians want to use the
word Allah in place of God?
The only simple explanation is that they want to confuse Muslims and
non-Muslim Arab and Malay speaking people into thinking that there is
no difference
between Muslim God and Christian God, which is completely FALSE.

The whole argument is that the Christians are LYING and MISLEADING.

From: "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad"
Subject: Re: Allah...who has the right to call their god Allah ?
> "baldeagle" wrote in message

> The Jews, the Arabic religions, the Christians and Muslims have the
> right to use the word, "Allah" to call their God. It is NOT
> exclusive to only Muslims (as some extremists in Malaysia demand the
> exclusive right to use Allah for only Muslims)

> Let's take a deeper look into the issue:
> Allah (al'?, รค'l?), [Arab.,=the God]. Derived from an old Semitic root
> referring to the Divine and used in the Canaanite El, the Mesopotamian
> ilu, and the biblical Elohim, the word Allah is used by all Arabic-
> speaking Jews, Christians, Muslims and others.*

Which is a lie. Arabs use ILA for god, and Malays use Tuhan for God,
just as English use God not Allah in their translation of the Bible.

Allah is just a name of a god in Arabic, which is completely different
from the word God.
Using Allah as a direct translation of God is misleading because ILA
and Tuhan are the right words for God.

Why do the christians resort to great lengths in spreading lies and
mistranslating into Malay and Arabic?

As though there are no other names of God in Arabic, which is NONSENSE


  1. What do you mean by christianity is lying or misleading? this time we christian need to name our allah as tuhan and the next thing we cannot use the words GOD, we need to change to JESUS?. So do you mean your GOD is GOD but ours is NOT?.

    Than the government need to ban the word ALAMAK too.....

  2. Let me pose a question to the muslim community. Is the God of the Jews, Christian and Muslim the God of Abraham? If it is, then there is no doubt and all this BS that the politicians and the extremists created should be put to rest. It is not the God of the Malay Muslims but that they are so ignorant to know that Abraham's God is the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims at large.

  3. These muslims know nothing about God of Abraham. They don't know what they are praying to everyday and why. All they know is money, money and more money from under the table.

  4. lets get back to history. there are four sacred books which is taurat, zabur, injil, and quran. the injil is the origin of todays bible that been modified from years to years to accomodate people needs, this book came to moses or in islam to nabi musa, so, the term ALLAH is a term that been used from the early age of adam. the only good that he and his followers worshipped. after Christianity,the so called jesus were there and there were also the bible.

    the christianity were done in the era of constantine which is also a human. after that christian followers used bible as their guidance. and in rasul muhamad era, quran was sent down to him via the angels and the quran was never remodified until todays and from the era until today muslim used Allah as the term of god.

    even so, the term Allah been used by Islam from adam time but during that time, the religion were not called Islam, it only called like that during Rasul Muhamad era.

    due to this, it is not same between Allah and jesus or moses, allah is the creator in Islam but jesus only emerged after christianity, before that, whose the god???

    higher rank pope in the church make this secret about jesus christianity because it will make their worshippers confused, before jesus time whose the god? the world has been created long time ago even before jesus exist.

    u can still find the first bible or the injil in mexico, where it is heavily guard. there's a phrase about christian and islam for final age people, which one the truth and which one need to change. hope somebody able to find it. up till now, the highest pope in christian have the opportunity to reed it.

    for my final words, i want u to think, a carpenter can make a beautiful table, but until the end day, the table cant transform into carpenter even the most skillful carpenter ask it and a table cant make another table. so, god can create human and the whole universe, but human cant make another human and cant be god even though the most powerful leader on that time appointed him to be god, god can't dead, but people can..

    so, Allah is not the same with anybody or any god in this universe and that is definite.

    u can go for comparative religion study to know more, i have done my job, open up your eyes and minds, think about what i say and don't blame other religion.

    thank you

  5. one more think that u need to consider, this problem about the word Allah just occur in Malaysia not outside, why the british or america christian whorshipper never have this problem? think about it, it's all political here.

  6. some idiots trying to break hell of Malaysia community by creating all kind of heck.
    and when nothing going right, this idiots so called the traitors try to project into
    Religions and make clash among all races.

    pls think rationally - don't let traitors win this., we are not going anywhere if we are to
    continue with this issues, as religion is very sensitive and one must understand the foundation of each race/religion and nation in order to get it right and may soon all end amicably.


  7. Dari awal Islam kan dah chup perkataan "Allah", so kristian carilah perkataan lain yang glamor, macam-macam ade, e.g. "Ulluh" ke, "Aloha" ke,"Ulala" ke, "Lolo" ke, dan sebagainya. Taklah jadi kecoh macam sekarang ni. Buang masa & tenaga je....ntah ape-ape.