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Dear PM,DPM,Minister,Politician, Blog editor, frens,bloggers and readers.

What i would like to share with you is about our peaceful and harmony country.As i know there were lots of problem among ourself because some said they are cheated by goverment and some say they don't get what they suppose to get and some even complaint that their own race cheated them.After all why are this people forgot that our country still in peace and harmony,Stop blaming others for your downfall,Malaysia is wounderful country and politics is one of best job but we the citizen misuse all that given to us.Everywhere we go we fight and create disharmony,is this what our parents and religion teach us to do.Why not be peace to each and everyone,why are looking at other like crooks.By looking at them like this what do we get.I would like to propose to the AG and the goverment that study back what is best solution for those who involve in attack like this.To my point of view those who create disharmony among the race and religion should strip off his citizenship and forfits all his EPF balance and let him have PR status.

Today's attack which i strongly condemn and i hope from now on no onw will attack anyone,its all waste of time,energy and money,If you could put lots of time and energy to carry the pig head and throw it into the mosque why not use the same energy and time to have discussion and solve the problem that the citizen facing.This people are can be called rubbish of the community( sampah Masyarakat).PEACE TO ALL,CREATE PEACE NOT WAR.

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