Don't Go Notorious Johor Bahru

From: Tanki <>

Subject: Don't Go Notorious Johor Bahru

Posted by: tt326c

Whenever we heard someone claimed that JB is notorious for wayside
robberies, we tend not to pay much attention to it until one day it
happened to someone close to you. Then you'll come to realisation that
it is the truth.

My son and his colleaque were robbed on Saturday morning in the busy
town of JB. Mind you, they were confronted by two men with syringes;
under threat that they would be contaminated with Aids. Both were
milked to a tune of RM1,500 and the irony was, the robbery was
committed near the Immigration and Police stations! Easy day's work,

Luckily, they did have the good sense not to retaliate and got
themselves hurt.

The purpose of this post is to remind fellow bloggers or their friends
to be extra careful when setting foot in JB, OK?

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  1. Dude.,.Shitz like this happens everywhere!!!! I dont see or hear ppl talking crap about getting mugged in Los ANgeles.. Why just taking on JB?? Shits happens in Singapore too right. For a small country which is beautifully controlled by the Police?? So whats the big deal?? Snatch Theft happens everywhere!! Mugging Happens everywhere??