BORNEO: Part of Malaysia or colonised by Malaya?

From: Tanki <>
Subject: BORNEO: Part of Malaysia, or colonised by Malaya?

Posted by: Xan9
One of the most recent news, the Bakun Dam Project:

The project was forced through to meet the demands for electricity in
Kuala Lumpur. S&S have enough electricity without needing the Bakun
Dam. Now, it's splashed across The Star that S'wak is to receive
320mil for this. For all that is destroyed, ancestral land, burial
sites, and all that is sacred to the people who own the land and
depend on it, not to mention the ecology, 320mil is sh*t. And who,
exactly, is the 320mil going to? The Sarawak State Govt, it says.
So, who is that? It's definitely not the people on the streets of
Sarawak. 320mil is going to one or two greedy pieces of sh*t while
Sawarak and its people continue to be "those poor East Malaysians who
need our (Read Malaya's) help".

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