Shame on our Citizens

Posted by: victorchew46

Today we saw a blogger detained by the police for insulting the late Sultan of Johor. I really cannot understand how he is picked upon except that people demonstrated and made police reports about his blog! Many bloggers are silly when they express themselves in the heat of the moment (writer included) but do not have the intent to hurt or harm anyone or any group's sensitivities and a warning, a reprimand will do. Why keep our busy police who are desprately trying to curb rising crime rates and politcal problems, involved in things that the controlling authority of the network can do?

I am stupified by the action of our authorities when there are greater issues to solve, they pick on small ones at times. So much could be done with 20 million MR for all schools instead they choose to select 20 and give 1 million MR each. This is always the policy of this government, to give to a few and let the others wait in anxiety and envy! Why?

No wonder so many bloggers now joke so much and talk about durians and fishing and sex rather than go into serious political issues. I am swayed too but I believe in my country and I feel there is much to be done still and will continue to pick on issues that may one day land me in a place I do not desire to be in! So be it!

God bless the rakyat of Malaysia.

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