Why Malaysia is grouped under Terrorist Country?

From: baldeagle

Subject: Radicalised Malaysia...is on the watch list for countries who support terrorists !

Malaysia, a country seen by many to be an Icon for progressive Muslim
nations...has unfortunately suffered a devastating relapse (like an
addict)...to become the latest radicalised nation who support Islamic
terrorists and Al-Qaeda.

Same Evidence of its relapse:

Most states in Malaysia have banned Non-Muslims from using the word
'Allah' to call their God. This action is seen as more radical than
even Yemen or Saudi, ( countries who do not ban Christian and Jews
from using the word Allah).

One of its top political leaders Dr. Mahathir, a former PM, now
supported Bin Laden's claim that 9-11 was staged by the USA, as an
excuse to invade Afghanistan. Muslims in Malaysia has been subjected
to such propaganda from newspapers and extremist imans .

The Islamic clergy, headed by the Sultans of 10 states in Malaysia,
imposed very strict Shariah
practices against progressive Muslims...caning for beer drinking (even
for Singaporean)...jailing couples for courting activities....
Malaysian government, quietly give support to Muslims rebels in the
Philippines and south Thailand...by allowing these Muslims rebels to
launch attacks from Malaysian soils...giving them money and supplying
them with weapons....

Against, all these activities and proofs of Malaysian involvement in
terrorist activities, the Malaysian government can no longer deny it
supported the 9-11 terrorists who met in Kuala Lumpur before they flew
to the USA.
The US government has woken up to such covert activities by the
Malaysian authorities. US citizens are advised to avoid Malaysia

Being on the watch list, Malaysians and Malaysian business will suffer
great inconvinence and disadvantages.


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