Malaysia bus crash killers

From: "Alexx"
Subject: Re: Malaysia bus crash blogspot

Not only buses. All moving things on the road are subjected to crashes and
dangers. The best way to avoid these dangers are to ban completely all type
of vehicles including bicycles. Go back to the old days where automobiles
were not invented and people go about riding bullock carts. By then, we
shouldn't be worry about prices of petrol, but should be more concerned
about having large patches of land to grow grasses to feed the cows,
buffaloes and horses.

"ticktolk" wrote in message

> Whoa.....just read here:


> Someone must be really unhappy with the Malaysia express bus service which
> seems to have the habit of klling their passengers lately.

> As i can see, there are only 3 options available to the Malaysian govt:

> 1. Stop all overnight express bus service after 11 pm on all Malaysian
> toll roads. That means buses can only operate from 6 am to 11 pm. If
> passengers need to travel overnight on Malaysia road, they can either
> travel by air, by rail or find their own mode of transport.

> 2. Stop all overnight express bus service after 8 pm and force all
> passenger to travel by air since there are so many empty air field and
> plenty of low cost airline not fully ultilised.

> 3. Continue the overnight express bus service but bus ticket will no
> longer be cheap. Bus passengers will need to pay an extra RM$50 per
> passenger surcharge (on top of usual bus ticket price) to bus companies
> for their safe journey overnight. That means 20 passengers on a single 40
> seater bus will mean RM1000 for bus driver per trip. Bus companies are
> therefore obligated to hire good drivers.

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