Malaysia is becoming a dangerous place to visit

Wakalukong posted:

What is it about the obsession of cutting heads by some religion ?

1. Cow head,
2. Sheep head,
3. Pig head,
4. Human head

And lets not forget the Molotov cocktail, stones throwing, etc, etc.

"baldeagle" wrote in message

> Three wild boar heads were found outside mosques in KL.

> This must be the work of those people who have a secret agenda to stir
> up racial tension in Malaysia.

> The Chinese have no trouble buying normal pig heads from the wet
> market...without all the trouble of buying expensive wild boar.
> Malay cannot buy normal pig head from a city market...If they did, it
> would draw unwanted attention to them.
> However, they could easily get the wild boar heads in Ulu Selangor
> where Muslims hunt wild boars for sales to exotic specialty
> restaurants in the city.

> To create racial unrest, dumping wild boar heads at their own
> mosques one of the most effect way. What will they do next !?

> Malaysia is now a dangerous place for Christian and Non-Muslim
> tourists. I have cancelled my trip to visits friends and relatives
> during the Chinese new year.

From: Wakalukong

Subject: Re: Pig heads found outside mosques KL.

On Jan 28, 9:36am, "kerry lee" wrote:
> There is doubt about it. There is an urgent need to create unrest so that
> Emergency Laws can be declared and the current government can continue to
> rule. Non Malays know that and all other religious bodies not Muslims know
> that. I do not think that the fracas on the mosques are created by non
> Muslims.
> Non Muslims are watching and waiting for the turmoil which will be raised by
> Muslims in everyone's fair view. Racialunrest is not going to benefit anyone
> especially malays. Another may 13 will be a different matter. Non Malays are
> not going to stay and be cowed. Politicians beware. It is either a country
> for all citizens of Malaysia or not at all for anyone.

Hishammuddin, the guy who habitually takes out his keris at UMNO's
annual general meetings to kiss, is Home Minister, who is in charge of
the Police. As Home Minister, he was also the guy who started all
this Allah dispute by banning East Malaysia's Christians from using
the word.

Instead of the heads of some unfortunate wild boars, Hishammuddin's
head should roll.

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