Husni: Malaysians 'wrong' to abandon country

From: "bob day"
Subject: Re: Husni: Malaysians 'wrong' to abandon country

In Malaysia the Malays are Tuans and the non Malays slaves and you expect
them to remain happy in that situation. How stupid can Husni be?

"bob day" wrote in message
>I think as an observer of this country and having been here for decades,
>the country has abandon lots of capable people of non muslim origin. They
>all had to leave in order to carve a life for themselves and their
>children. This bullying and outright prejudices cannot go on forever.
> All Husni wants is for these people to hang around to be bullied. It never
> cross his mind to even realise what his own reaction would be if he is on
> the other side of the fence.
> If there is no fairness and you are in no position to fight back, there is
> but only one choice and that is to leave the country if you are capable
> enough. The time will come when the desperados who have no choice may just
> strap a bomb round their waist and make the ultimate sacrifice.

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