PAS the hypocrite of Islam

From: "Desmond133"
Subject: Re: PAS the hypocrite of Islam

The Koran says kill all the infidels. When are you going to start a campaign
to do that? You are a real arsehole incapable of rational thinking.
"Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad" wrote in message

I have long suspected PAS of being more interested in power than in
fighting for true Islamic causes.

In order to appease its so called allies, the non-Muslims, PAS now has
to spread the lies about Allah in Malay.

How can PAS agree that Allah is the ONLY word for GOD in Malay? Even
by being silent it also means that PAS has agreed with this absurd

Allah is not the translation of God in Malay or Arabic. Allah is the
name of a God. The correct translation of God in Malay is Tuhan, Dewa,

Even Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dare not agree with this
statement.Sufficient only to state that Justice can wait.

Unfortunately Justice cannot wait in this case. Too much damage had
been done.

Misleading people, even in private is also wrong in Law. Allowing
Christians to think that their God is exactly the same as the Islamic
God is blatantly misleading.

"From numerous other verses, it is abundantly clear, argued the ulama
of exegesis (tafseer) that the name of Allah is not an exclusive right
of the Muslims. Al-Qurtubi, an expert in exegesis of the Quran,
concluded that in verse 40 above, Allah is not only commemorated in
mosques but as well in the others places of worship of the Abrahamic
faiths namely Christianity and Judaism."

It is not a question of the right to use the word Allah but to confuse
people with the word Allah. In the middle east, Allah may be used by
pagans alike but in Malaysia, the Malays and natives who are in
contact with the Muslim Malays have always known that Allah as the
name of the Muslim God. The Malays also know that there are many of
them who are not Muslims and they were not Muslims before. Malays were
Hindus before Islam

As for "Allah" to be commemorated in Synagogues, this is not true
because Jews use other names for their God, but what is clear is that
Monotheistic God were commemorated but not necessarily using the word
Al-Qurtubi is therefore is completely wrong in his interpretatioin of
the quran.

"Theologically (from the perspective of Faith or Aqidah), even though
the idol-worshippers of Mecca accepted Allah as Rabb (God), it is only
in the domain of Allah as al-Rububiyah or Allah as the Creator and
Sustainer. In the complete Islamic faith, Allah is not only the
Sustainer and Creator (Tauhid Rububiyah) but as well the Law-Giver and
Sovereign (Tauhid Uluhiyah), besides a myriad other attributes only
worthy of the Most High. They nonetheless recognise and believe in
Allah only as a Sustainer."

True for Arabs but certainly not true for Malays and natives who are
Malay speaking in Malaysia and Indonesia. Malays have pre-Islamic and
Hindu Gods names as well as vocabulary for God which is Tuhan, Dewa,
Dewata, Allah in Malay is just a name for the Muslim God. Malays are
not aware of any pagan Arabs because they have never been in contact
with Pagan Arabs, not even Christian Arabs.

"In this regard, PAS has again stressed the usage of ├»¿½Allah├»¿½ must not
be misused or abused or it will affect racial and religious harmony in
the country."

So how can PAS agree with the statement that Allah is the ONLY
translation of God in Malay, when it is not. The translation for God
in Malay is Tuhan, Dewa or Dewata.
In fact Allah, just as in Arabic, is just the name of a God. IN Malay,
Allah is the God of the Muslims, and that is all that the Malays know,
either Muslim Malay or non-Muslim Malay.

To misinterpret the word Allah is a form of misuse and abuse for the
sanctity of the Malay language, let alone the faith of the Malay
Muslims and native Malay-speaking non-Muslims.


  1. merapu la ko ni ..g balik negara asal keturunan kau

  2. Stupid Argument!
    Can You differentiate between Proper Name and Common Name?