Private Investigator Gone Missing Since 2008

From: "John Bane"

Subject: Re: Altantuya Murder: Private Investigator Gone Missing Since 2008

Now if they set a date to hang the two police guards, they may decide to
start singing like two canaries. Speed up the process and speed up their
appeal process. The Anti Corruption Commission is a big joke. Submit the
questions they want to put forth to the Private Investigator and I am sure
arrangement s can be made for him to give a reply before reliable witnesses
which will ensure the testimony is admissable in court. Any meeting with the
ACA will be dangerous for the witness. he may just be shot as he goes for
the meeting. The man really fears for his life.

"Tanki" <> wrote in message

Malaysian Probe Into Murder, Bribery May Fail Without Witness

By Manirajan Ramasamy

Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said
its probe into bribery accusations surrounding the murder of a
Mongolian woman will fail unless it can contact the private
investigator at the center of the allegations, who has been missing
since 2008.

P. Balasubramaniam disappeared after holding a press conference in
July 2008 to retract his allegation made a day earlier that Prime
Minister Najib Razak had an affair with the victim. Najib, who was
deputy premier at the time, said he had never met the woman and has
denied any wrongdoing.

Without him coming forward, we can t continue the investigation,
Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed told reporters in Kuala Lumpur
today. We are willing to meet him anywhere, even overseas, without
any conditions. We need him to get in touch with us.

The anti-corruption unit is probing allegations that bribes were paid
to cover up the murder case, which was tried separately. The
commission opened its probe after opposition politicians filed a

Two of Najib s former police guards were sentenced to death in April
for the 2006 murder of the Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, a
lover of Najib s former adviser, Abdul Razak Baginda. Abdul Razak was
acquitted in 2008 of abetting the killing.

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