Hishamuddin ISA Threat

From: "The Cynic"
Subject: Re: Hishamuddin Threat

"Abdul Wahap" wrote in message

> He is a joker but few people will find it funny.
> Is he is threatening all those who retailiate against the church burners.
> What has he done to those cow head protestors? Have any of them been
> jailed or charged for any offence?
> "bear" wrote in message
> news:ea7e9166-6d7b-4df2-9533-21be7685ca2f@a15g2000yqm.googlegroups.com...
>> Home Minister threaten trouble makers with ISA...perhaps, he is the
>> first to be arrested over threatening kris gestures.

>> This will only be against other religion and race, consistency get lost

All cow head protesters were treated to cow-head curry meal. LOL

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