Only 6% of civil servants are Chinese

From: Tanki <>
Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the number of Chinese in the civil
service has dropped tremendously despite the Government’s efforts to
lure the community into the service.

Although their recruitment had been the highest in recent years, the
overall number was still smaller than five years ago, and even less
compared to 10 years ago, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri
Sidek Hassan told the daily.

He said that as of Sept 21 last year, only 6% or 72,875 out of the
1.22 million government servants were Chinese.

In 2005, there were 85,204 Chinese government servants, while there
were 78,345 in 2000.

Sidek said the Government had even collaborated with local Chinese
organisations in recent years to conduct activities that would attract
more Chinese to join the civil service.

However, the response was poor, he said in an interview.

On another issue, the daily reported that from July to Dec 31 last
year, the 1Malaysia unit trust fund had attracted 237,404 local
investors, of which 83% were Chinese.

Permodalan Nasional Bhd president and group CEO Tan Sri Hamad Kama
Piah Che Othman said only 18% was left for subscription out of the
RM3bil quota for the Chinese.

However, there was still 80% available in the RM1.5bil quota for

For bumiputra units, 95% of the RM5bil quota was available for

> Sin Chew Daily reported that the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) would decide on the location of the RM30mil Hua Zong building on Monday.

Hua Zong president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah said the decision would be
made at its committee meeting.

“We already have the proposals. The entire project is estimated to
cost RM30mil, excluding the software infrastructure,” he said.

From: "John Bane"

Subject: Re: Malaysia: Only 6% of civil servants are Chinese

No non Malay worth his salt will want to join the civil service purely
because the prospect of promotion is virtually nil and the likelihood the
capable non Malay will be working for an incompetent Malay is absolutely

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