Mahathir is the cause of Malaysia's problem

From: "musa khalid"

Subject: You are the problem MM

His economic policies have shown failure and the spill over effects are felt
up until today, with the country now lagging to even compete with minnows
back in the 1970's like Indonesia, Thailand and even Vietnam.

Muaz Omar, The Malaysian Insider

"Jews have always been a problem. They have to be confined to ghettos and
periodically massacred."

Those are the exact words of the notoriously sly former prime minister, Tun
Dr Mahathir Mohamad which were quoted and carried by news media when he
launched the maiden assembly of the General Conference for the Support of
Al-Quds (GCSQ) in the capital on Jan 20.

Coming from a supposedly great leader and a champion of the Third World,
every single ounce of the speech is irresponsible, inciting and racist, to
say the least.

It also goes to reflect the nature of Mahathir's thinking and his
deep-rooted hatred of anything Jewish.

However, it has never deterred him or his administration back then to use
Jewish elements as long as it benefits him politically and economically.

Allegedly, the Malaysian government employed the services of disgraced US
lobbyist Jack Abramoff to secure an audience with the then US President
George W Bush.

He blamed the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis squarely on currency
speculators led by one George Soros, a Jew (which he then retracted after a
meeting with Soros years later). Mahathir's administration employed
financial giants Salomon Smith Barney and Citigroup, also with clear Jewish
links, to assist the country in climbing out of the crisis.

The superficial antagonism of Mahathir towards Jews is a clear paradox to
his irrefutable association with them.

In fact, back in the 80's his rumoured involvement in the Freemason movement
put him on the backfoot, to the extent that he had to deny it in his speech
during an Umno general assembly in that period.

Mahathir can wear the facade of an anti-Semitic while behaving in the exact
manner at almost the same time.

His Jew-bashing speech at the GCSQ event did not end there and Mahathir also
spewed venom on the Western imperialists, taking aim at the United States.

The absurdity of his speech reached nonsensical heights when he drummed up a
conspiracy theory ala Michael Moore that the Sept 11 attack on World Trade
Centre in New York was staged by the US in order to attack Iraq and
Afghanistan, i.e. the Muslim world.

Only Mahathir is capable of throwing everything including the kitchen sink.


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