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From: "bob day"

Subject: Re: Quote from Dr. MamaTeh

Can we change direction and instead have a write up about his many loves if
he has any? This ramblings of his is just boring. If that is not possible,
can we have a write up of his wealth here and abroad with hints o how he had
successfully accomplished them. We don't here very much from his much
appreciated botak wife

"Alexx" wrote in message

> Quote from MamaTeh:
> "Often it is misunderstood as a religion of the terrorists but the fact is
> Islam is a very peace and loving religion."

> A religion where cruel punishment like chopping off hands and limbs,
> stoning people to death and beheading is in fact a "very peace and loving
> religion" :):)


  1. before u make any statements abt islam u have to really know this religion. dont talk about my religion if u dont really know about it.as for the hudud law u have to know the reason behind it and the rules to implement it.it is not as simply as chopping off one's hand..dont ever disrespect others religion if u want ur religion to be respected!!!

  2. i agree..better find the bad things bout ur very own religious first.
    u will never know the truthful n sweetness of islam unless u embrace it.so dun talk bad about islam,mind your own,alright?

  3. Did your muslim friend chopped your hand?Pls la. Learn to respect other religion. That's why la last time we have BTN meh...to teach the rude ppl(especially the kiasu family) how to respect others.if want to know about Islam, dont ask from non-muslim ppl meh...in this case Alexx <---non-muslim. Go watch youtube about Islam..i suggest you to watch a lecture from " Ahmed Deedat".