I cancelled all my flight to Malaysia

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Subject: Re: I cancelled all my flight to Malaysia

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> I just want to know.....
> Posted by: cygnus_lyra
> I just want to know if Malaysia is safe?

> I heard 9 churches already kena arson attack and no one get caught
> yet.

This is not surprising to anyone in Malaysia. No one believes that
Malaysia Police Force will do anything.

> Just wondering if Malaysia will become like Indonesia... the time when
> the Muslims in Indonesia persecuted the Chinese and non-muslims...
> lots of violent death then.

The country has gone to the dogs, systematically deteriorating for the
last 40 years.

> I need to know so I can cancel my flight tickets to visit Msia this
> year or in the near future. Don't want to get caught if there is a
> racial riot happening coz technically, no longer a Msian.

You decide what you want to do with your money, spend it at a place
that knows your money value.

> If Msia continues down this path of extremism and violence, forget
> about ever becoming a developed country.

Anyone believes that 2020 is achievable is too naive or trusting.

> Many ppl told me that the Msia now is not the Msia I remembered 20
> years ago... it is no longer safe and the Muslims there are getting
> more extreme, ignorant and violent. Anytime bloody racial clashes will
> erupt. It's a "time bomb" and Msia is running on borrowed time. Lots
> of ppl overseas are talking as if it is not a matter of IF it will
> happen but rather WHEN it will happen.

> True or not? Can anyone living in Msia give me an honest picture of
> what is happening there? Is it safe to visit???

Even before the church burning, there numerous unsolved homicides.

> Serious. The type of news and rumours I hear about Msia from overseas
> is very scary....so, I just need some clarification here that it is
> still safe to visit my relatives in Msia.
> Thanks.

Drowning men are clutching to straws. The politicians are hanging on
when they are already irrelevant.


  1. Better run for your life..this country is hopeless.thats why inspite of having water and fuel they are not able to develope like singapore..and they never will till we have these lazy malays..i am an expat and my company holds only 10% malays just for the sake of numbers .All are useless and fit for nothing..i am moving to singapore and will never comback to this racist country.its gone to the dogs and wil become like indonesia soon.

  2. stupid comments by stupid peoples. People thinks too much about how bad is Malaysia? Come on, it have been always Malaysian non-Muslim trying to provoke the muslim. So if you don't like Malaysia, go to Singapore la, your so called developed country.