Is Anway's Sodomy Charges Also Staged like 911 ?

From: Tanki <>
Subject: If 911 is staged then Anwar Sodomy is also staged?

'If he claims that the 9/11 was staged, then the same can be said
about Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charges. Was it staged by Mahathir

Dr M explains the 'Avatar' behind 9/11

Tan Boon Hee: I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be agreeing
with Dr Mahathir Mohamad. His years of nepotism and mismanagement of
the country do not sit well with me. I particularly despise the way he
treated his former deputy, Anwar Ibrahim.

There is a growing movement in the US and the international community
that believes the previous Bush administration and the powerful
military-industrial complex concocted the reasons to invade Iraq
(weapons of mass destruction, etc), Afghanistan, and this on-going
'War on Terror'.

One thousand architects and engineers are demanding that the US
Congress initiate an independent commission to study the collapse of
the three towers. Scientists have found irrefutable evidence of high-
tech explosives called nanothermite in the dust, and even un-ignited
chips of the material.

Search for YouTube videos such as 'Loose Change' or '9/11 Mysteries'.
They will blow your mind with a fresh, new and horrifying outlook on
what might have really happened.

Babi Sondol: I have seen the videos on 9/11. They have scientific
analyses by experts. After having watched them, I, too, have had
second thoughts about it all. Please watch the video before coming to
your conclusions. Dr M could be right.

Siva: Tun Dr M is quoting from what he has watched on 'Zeitgeist', the
documentary. The same documentary says Jesus never happened. I wonder
why he has not commented on Fahrenheit 911? Perhaps he didn't get the

If Zeitgeist has said something negative about Islam, Dr M would have
called it an evil propaganda. I can't believe he is carried away by
such a documentary... if only he is equally influenced by the Holy
scriptures, we would have had the world's most loving PM. But
unfortunately Dr M picks and chooses what he likes.

Habib Rak: I have my disagreements with Mahathir. But the collapse of
the twin towers and Building 7 is very odd indeed. The part he said
about the Jews, Arabs and Americans, however, is a separate topic.

Hann Wei Toh: Did our dear Mahathir read this? There is an explanation
on the collapse of building 7 in there.

Mangodurian: Mahathir said: "Killing innocent people to provide an
excuse for war is not new to the US...".

Is there an implication that Pearl Harbour was staged as a pretext to
the greatest war in the world? And for what purpose could that be? As
an excuse to create Israel? We could even go as far as saying the
'bungling Japanese' could not have had the audacity to carry out their
attack on Pearl Harbour.

Or that Adolf Hitler was nothing more than a puppet actor, given how
dramatic and eccentric he was on stage, when the real commanders were
actually Jews, who created the whole thing and actually sent random
poor Slaviks (East Europeans) to Auschwitz ... again as a pretext to
create Israel. It sure sounds probable and believable to me!

KayKay: This just proves that Mahathir is not only a pathological liar
but a congenital one. This was a hallmark of his administration. He
was always lying through the teeth for narrow, personal ends. He's
suggesting that the Americans deliberately killed a lot of people in a
staged attack just to have an excuse to attack Muslim countries.

It has been exhaustively proven that when the planes struck the WTC
(World Trade Centre) buildings, the steel structures melted in the
superheat that was unleashed and that brought the whole structure
crashing down. The media needs to listen to the architects and
engineers who built the WTC and not a crackpot like Mahathir.

Next, Mahathir will claim like most of the Muslim world that the
Americans didn't really land on the moon because Allah wouldn't allow
anything to land on the symbol of the religion, that Princess Diana
was killed by Queen Elizabeth, that John Kennedy is alive and so are
Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, and that Obama is an alien from
another planet.

Aramsa: It was a fact that the building was struck about two-third up
the building. The twin towers was constructed of steel structures. The
fire ball created by the passenger plane and the tons fuel is
evidenced in the aftermath of the crash into the two buildings. The
fire burned fiercely, and as time went by the steel structures

The top part of the buildings eventually came crashing down like a
hammer thumping a nail into the wall. The tons of mass collapsed from
floor to floors with its centre of gravity very much at the centre.
And remember, the building structure below was still solid and strong,
and was not going to bend and cause the building to fall sideway.

There was just no controlled explosion like you see in the
demolitions. Explosives would go bang, bang, bang, at certain
interval, and for it to fall sideway, the ground floor or lower floor
may have to be blown up first. That did not happened. Case close.

Louis: Mahathir is stretching our intelligence to the limit. To
demolish those two towers, which were very huge, requires demolition
by experts who needed to have planned and planted explosives in
strategic areas. This could not have gone on unnoticed. There would
have be so much drilling and miles of wiring.

They would have had to employ David Copperfield to make those
demolition experts invisible too. Mahathir, if you want us to respect
you. please talk sensibly.

Lim Kok Hwa: If the honourable Tun Mahathir claims that the 9/11 was
staged, then the same can be said about Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy
charges. Was it staged by Mathathir himself?

Cascara: These Arab terrorists are not good at planning, so said
Mahathir. It will need someone with his brains to do it. See how he
planned and orchestrated the demolition of Anwar Ibrahim. It continues
to reverberate to this day.

Ezilan: Like the way he said, Anwar punched himself and gave himself
the black eye. His own 'con game' against Anwar showed his
conspiratorial and devious mind. If he could do that and many other
things, what can you conclude about this master conspiracies.

We should also believe that Anwar sodomised Azizan Abu Bakar and
Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Sukma Darmawan and Dr Munawar Anees. Of
course, we should also believe that Anwar punched himself. We should
also believe that VK Lingam and Vincent Tan did not fix the
appointment of judges.

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