Why the silent bias by PKR supporters?

Posted by: jyuen
There have been several recent reports of major discord going on in PKR and Pakatan Rakyat but why not comments here on CB?

Is it because the pure anti-BN sentiment of most of the regulars here is so strong that when something is not quite right with your favorite horse that there is nothing you can say?

To me, what's happening is just a matter of the truth that it doesn't matter what the party label is - it is still same people, same mentality, better window dressing, better sounding promises.

Till date I still see no improvement in the lives of ordinary Selangor citizens, no local financial improvements like public parking is still expensive, parking fines are still ridiculously high (RM 100 compared to the police RM 30), poll tax and assessment is still high - all the things that are controlled by the local state government which to refresh everyone's memory had changed label but the results are still the same.

My personal message - stop fighting (against BN and each other) and start doing what you promised

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