Why God Kills Haitians? Is He Impotent ?

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Subject: Why God Kills Haitians? Is He Impotent ?

Posted by: richardkyw

God is All-powerful and all-knowing is an Arbitrary definition.

On the contrary, He appears to be Impotent !

See, He can't stop an earthquake. He can't stop a Nuclear bomb from

He can't stop superstitious people from worshiping Him!

When there is a disaster, it is men that help men, not God. When
there is a fire, it is the fire-man who puts out the fire, not God.

So, why waste time praying to God ? Did God ever intervene on
your behalf ? Can he save you from being swallowed up by an
earthquake ?

Let Man love and help each other, and the world will become a
Better world. But first, we must discard what is not True.

Let's discard old thinking and outdated false Beliefs that exists
for thousand of years during those days of the Mongols where the only
transport is horses!

It does us no good to crave for Heaven after Death when we know it
doesn't exist. It can't exist only for a certain religion, but non-
believeables don't have to go to hell or heaven. Only those with
little brain or weaklings would buy that kind of belief.


  1. Please don't blame God on this issue. Please check ourselves, human who live in this earth. When talk about preserving enviroment, human tend to disagree due to selfish agenda. Look at the recent Copenhagen climate change conference 2009! What happen? Many nations give excuses say it too costly to resolve and the result no concrete action taken. The earth heat up because of global warming causing our weather change, magma inside the earth more heated up causing volcano eruption, earthquate and so on. What can we do? Complaining and do nothing? Think carefully before we blame God.

  2. Huh..some people blame god for everything.
    I think this guy even hate & blame God for his premature ejaculation.

  3. without one superior power that create human, how can the human put out the fire in the case of the firemen.. look another example, a wood craver make a table, but until the end of the day the table can be a wood craver nor make another table.

    so, no people can't be god and god can be matched with human. we can't suddenly appear in this world from the semen if there is nobody who create the semen.

    i think u don't have any religion, that's why u talk like that.

    if u're hindu or budha, go to the tample and ask about god, n if u're christian, ask ur pope whose god before moses arrive? they got something that they hide from other people

  4. I hope you can create the very O2 that you breath everyday, or maybe H2O that needed to put out fire, or at least ATP that needed for energy to do works such as writting and, as you state, helping each other up after earthquakes... Let's not hope unto God coz when the world end, we can create another one, aren't we??

  5. Astagfirullah al'azim.....