Trengganu implement “1Toilet” policy

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Subject: Re: Malaysian state introduces shared toilets in schools

That is what happens when you have half baked idiots running the show.

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> This is odd....
> How do some Malaysian civil servants arrived at the conclusion that
> schools making students and teachers share toilets will inspire their
> students ?

KUALA LUMPUR -- A Malaysian state has said it would soon make schoolteachers and students use the same toilets in a move to promote an atmosphere of “oneness” in schools, a news report said Friday. Codenamed the “1Toilet” policy, the government of the north-eastern state of Terengganu said it hoped the move would “inspire” students to excel in their education, the Star daily reported.

“When students share the toilets with the teacher, they will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organization, which, in this case, is the school,” state education committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying.

Teachers, students and even the principal would be encouraged to also share canteen space under the policy, he said.

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  1. stupid people at the high position will give stupid idea.