Eight (8) Churches Attacked So Far....

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Subject: Eight (8) Churches Attacked So Far....

Posted by: Kumarathevan Balakrishnan
In this past few days, our nation that was always looked up as a
peaceful, multi-racial and multi-cultural country was slapped with one
of the worst religiously motivated attack on churches in our country’s

The arson attack on eight churches in Klang Valley and other parts
of the country have been condemned by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri
Najib Tun Razak as well as political leaders of both the ruling and
opposition parties.

Some call this the black day and some others say that this is truly
a sad day for Malaysia. This is an act of extremism, which could
dampen the government’s effort in promoting 1Malaysia concept.

Never the less, the beauty of these scenario is that the leaders of
the Metro Tabernacle Church - that was badly effected in these
incident - said that they do not harbour any ill-feelings against the
culprits but choose to forgive those responsible.

The senior pastor of the church, Rev Ong Sek Leang was quoted
saying: “We have a congregation of about 1,700 who are Godly and

That is a peaceful and Christ-like remark. I salute them for their
stand. This shows their true Christian spirit of love and forgiveness.
We should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

Jesus Christ told His disciples: “If someone slaps you on your left
cheek, give also the right side.” – This shows that we should forgive
‘on the spot’ anyone who hurts us. Easy to say but it takes courage to

The other beautiful part is, many non government organizations
including the Muslim brothers condemn the unlawful and unIslamic
action and some NGO's even offered to make security rounds around
churches to make sure it's safety.

I believe, we should continue to be kind and tender hearted to one
another and forgive one another.

Let us together do everything possible on our part to leave in peace
with everybody and not revenge anyone.


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