Mahathir complained about Sand Export to Singapore

From: Pierre
that shouldn't trouble mahathir - he has been helping himself to
malaysia, bit by bit, as he says, for many years. wasn't a problem for
him during his administration.

On Jan 23, 6:11 am, "moly" wrote:
> Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed today lashed out at the
> government for inaction over the issue of sand-smuggling throughout the
> country.

> Dr Mahathir claims that this practice has been going on for some time but
> corrupt officials have managed to keep a close lid on the matter.

> "I read in the papers about the Works Minister saying 500 lorries delivering
> sand to Singapore. No one has said anything on that, seems like they are
> 'agreeing' to it. Well I know it is not 500, it is actually 700 lorries," he
> said to reporters during a press conference.

> "If I didn't draw people's attention to this issue, no one would speak up,
> they all are too busy worried about whether they would get their Datukship,"
> quipped Dr Mahathir.

> The elderly statesmen maintained the validity of his facts, saying that the
> main sources were the Works Minister (Datuk Shaziman Mansor) as well as
> "friend", whose identity he declined to reveal as he did not want to get his
> friend "into trouble".

> He claimed that Malaysia was being sold bit by bit to foreigners, citing the
> sand-smuggling issue as an example.

> "What these people are doing is selling a little bit of Malaysia at one
> time, dig, keep digging Malaysia and give her to other people."

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