Malaysia not keen to promote talent

From: "cluedo"
Subject: Malaysia not keen to promote talent

Why do I always sense the majority race in Malaysia is not keen to promote
talented people of other race for their own benefit ?

Do they often think by promoting talented people of other race they will end
up being worse off ?

For example, in companies that I have worked, as long as that guy/gal proved
his/her worth, they get a chance of promotion, and I have promoted a few of
different race, nationalities and background.

The logic is by promoting people better than you, the company or country on
the whole will prosper ,and in the end, you will prosper too.

How is it possible that the majority race in Malaysia think by promoting
people worst than themselves, they will prospered in the end ??

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  1. Stupid blogger.... nobody asks you to be a heroe. This country belongs to us. Did us Malays go to India or China to ask for citizenships?. If you want fair & equality, go there... you never watched hindi movies haven't you? are they promoting equality & fairness to all? In India if I'm not mistaken... opportunities are given based on your "KASTA"

    Have you read or watched the history of Malaysia? ... yeah! for you history is just history... but do you know that history mends the future? It stated clearly in our Constitution, how you guys got your citizenships. To those out there that don't have the love & patriotic feeling towards Malaysia.... please, please,please apply for other countries citizenships. Malaysian Government will not stop you from doing so... it is your own rights.