I HATE the Establishment - So AM I UNPATRIOTIC ????

Posted by: asneoh

I HATE the establishment for what they are made of.

Made up of silly and corrupted politicians and so called "leaders" who made silly decisions and flip flop decisions but would not admit their mistakes , instead point fingers and pushing all the blames to everyone else except themselves.
I hate the authoritative bodies that uses selective prosecutions to go after only certain body or anti establishment but are very blind and deaf to the very obvious ones in the establishments.

I hate the on going case where they can make remarks that the poor victim fall to his death committing suicide while we can smell that every effort is being cooked up to conceal or rather not to reveal the truth. I hate the silly arguments given for the prohibition of using certain name calling or words from being used. Now there are more controversies than solution or any way to resolve this complication.

I hate the excuse given as not enough manpower to help protect the citizens while they can have truck loads and show of force in one particular state during the scuffle and many more others. I hate the biased head of state who should not take side of any political affiliation but when he did , we cannot comment or else we will be charged under seditions act or being called "biadab" while a group of the establishment can display the word "Natang" to one other head of state and nothing happens. I hate the establishment for being so corrupt that there are so many obvious violations and abuses of power entrusted on them but yet none got hauled up nor charged under the court of law and many many more. These all I hate and many many more , the list goes on , so AM I UNPATRIOTIC ???? Mind you , I stand up still and SING when Negarku is played at any function , fortunately there is no forbidden word in it as far as I am concerned being a Chinese. I pay my income tax without fail and not a single sen short. So you tell me , am I UNPATRIOTIC ????? - AnSoN

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