Now Only 6 States cannot use "Allah"

Posted by: tonychan
Stop! Please! I beg you! Stop all this fiasco!

Initially, someone banned the use of Allah. Then the court allowed it. Then some churches were attacked, and someone gave in to ban it again. Then big hoo-hah from WM, and so someone said ban for West only. Then more hoo-hah from other states, and now someone say ban only for less than 6 states.

Apa sudah jadi? How would the rest of the world will look at us? It is obvious that this issue is no longer a religious issue, but more a political one. This has come about because someone wanted to gain support from certain religious groups, and thus played the religious card.

Ban or allow “Allah”, just make a decision and stick with it. Be decisive, show some balls if you are going to take a stand in the first place.

Stop the flip-flopping. Stop making a fool of ourselves just because someone wants to gain political mileage. Stop abusing racial and religious divide to gain more votes. Stop allowing Malaysia to be laughed at by the rest of the world. Stop clowning with this issue, as all our Malaysian-Bolehness (twin towers, Penang bridge, F1, Putrajaya etc) now amounts to nothing, thanks to this grand fiasco.

If you have no shame, well, I have.

Hollywood -> Bollywood -> Bolehwood (this one is a comedy, with a touch of slapstick)

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