BN will lose next General Elections - thanks to "Allah"

From: Tanki <>
Subject: BN will lose next General Elections - thanks to "Allah"

It is going to be an uphill task for the Barisan Nasional, in
particular Umno, to remain in power after the next general election
which have to be held within the next two years.

With the 'Allah' usage sensitivities being played up by Umno,
seemingly to protect the sanctity of the name which is also considered
holy to any Bible-believing Catholic and Christian in Malaysia, BN may
suffer a backlash in both Sabah and Sarawak, two states which had
helped the ruling coalition to stay in power.

Malaysians have generally accepted 'Allah' as the name of the creator
God. The name 'Allah" used in the Selangor anthem would not have posed
a problem with the non-Muslims. On the contrary, in the national
anthem, the name 'Tuhan' is used.

If 'Tuhan' is the right word to be used for the Christian God, as
claimed by people like Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then we should have two
versions for the national anthem – the modified version for Muslims
and the original version for people who cannot claim 'Allah' as their

What Mahathir has failed to realise is that God does not need
corrupted people to protect His great name and no Catholic or
Christian would ever profane the name of God the Almighty as to
preach, 'God is dead'. I say this in response to Mahathir's blog
posting which claimed that some Christians in America are saying that
God is dead.

Mahathir has failed to differentiate between an atheist and a born-
again Christian. In his attempt to play on Muslim sentiments, he has
also stepped on the toes of people of other faith. It is, in fact, an
insult to any born again Christian what Mahathir wrote in his blog.

It clearly shows he has lacks depth of thinking and is merely trying
to create a controversies, a feature for which he is well-known for.

I plead with all parties to remain calm until this 'Allah' issue is
discussed and settled. Whatever the outcome, I foresee that BN will
lose badly in the next general election. In a country which has been
ruled by one party for past 52 years, Malaysians of all races and
walks of life generally want to do away with the one-party-rule-all

Both in the economic and political senses, monopoly breeds arrogance
and complacency. The worst is still corruption.

Stephen Ng

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  1. Bleak future UMNOed-BN.. Congrats for your downfall 2013!!