Indonesians remembers Manohara and the Kelantan Prince

Manohara and the Malaysian Prince
Posted by: engleberthumpadink
A lot has not been said about this, for a long time.
No suprises of course, in the hope that Malaysians will just forget
about it. Not to forget the laws that prevent any form of critisism
about the royals, and the MSMs lack of any impartiality (in fact, lack
of any spine also).

But this week I was reminded about the whole sordid event, when I took
a New Years holiday to Indonesia. There we were, having a few drinks
over dinner and chatting, when the word Manohara turned up. It was an
Indonesian who mentioned it, and very well informed he was. I knew
enough to chat about it, but the Malaysians at the table were almost
totally in the dark (mainly because they don't read news online).

The main surpise I got though, was the statement of "ah come on, every
single person in Indonesia has heard of Manohara and the Prince".
"Really?" said I. So it was proven to me, when a waiter came past. He
was called over and asked, if he'd heard of Manohara, and can you
guess what? He knew all about it, the key gesture being a mimed
opening of the shirt. Over the next few days the same question was
asked of several random people - the bell boy in the hotel, the lady
in the dhobi, taxi drivers and barmen, they all knew the name
Manohara, they all knew the story of the escape from Singapore, and
all of them mimed taking off a shirt.

The general consensus is that it has given you lot a very bad
reputation indeed. Have you been wondering why suddenly Indonesian
people have been making random threats, and all of the seemingly
bizarre anti-Malaysian sentiments over the last few months. Well, look
no further for the root cause.

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