The Unwanted Malaysians Prospering Elsewhere

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The following are true stories:

A Malaysian politician had heart surgery in Singapore .
The operation was successful. During his recuperation, the politician wanted to thank his three skilful doctors, including an anaesthesiologist..

He said: Thanks to Singaporean doctors...
I'm sorry, sir. I'm from Malaysia , interrupted one doctor.
Me too.
Me as well.

When a Malaysian company wanted to develop a new township abroad, it entrusted the project to a Singapore multinational company.

The first time when they met, the Singapore company sent a team of seven people, including the chief executive officer, chief architect and chief financial officer.
The meeting went smoothly. They relaxed and chatted.
The Malaysian company's director said: Durians from my hometown Kuala Pilah, Seremban taste the best.

I'll treat you all next time when you come.
Really? What area in Kuala Pilah? I'm from Kuala Pilah, too! said the Singapore company's chief executive officer.

Next, one by one, the other six from the Singapore team revealed their identities.
I'm from Malacca.
I'm from Kuala Kangsar, Perak.
I grew up in Segamat.
My hometown is...
And all of them were actually made in Malaysia .

There are countless similar stories around us..

And there is always another story behind each story.
Some were rejected by domestic universities while some were rejected by the government scholarship.
They couldn't get it even with 10 As while others got only 10 Bs. As leaving might be better than staying, they just went to a different world after crossing the Causeway.

There is a deep feeling for every story.

According to Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) statistics, about 785,000 Malaysians are currently working abroad and 44 per cent of them are working in Singapore while the rest are working in other countries, including Hong Kong, China, Australia, Britain and the United States.

And two-thirds of them are professionals.

At the same time, most of the two million guest workers in Malaysia are from Indonesia , Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and Vietnam .

They are engaged in work which does not require a high educational background but just a little bit of brains. Low skill, low knowledge and, of course, low wages.

Malaysia has become a country that exports brains while importing labourers, resulting in a serious deficit in the knowledge trade.

The government started to lure our talent abroad in 2000 by offering a variety of incentives, including tax concessions and other conditions.

It has been nearly 10 years but only 770 people responded, with an average of 80 talents returning a year. The 770 are just a small number of the total number of people working abroad.

However, many of this small group of people still choose to leave again.

While many young people are not able to realise their dreams here and thus, they are packing and preparing to pursue their dreams in unfamiliar countries.

And they said that Malaysia wants to become a high-income country.

Setting up company from Japan for a friend. President is Malaysian. CEO
is Japanese. 8 researchers, avg age 57, all Japanese, led by head of
team, Malaysian.

Age of president of the company, 46. Malaysians Boleh all over the globe
except in Malaysia.

In perspective, this is also good. If they remain here, Malaysia will
become a economic super power, standard of living super high, cannot
throw rubbish everywhere, cannot drive smoking car, no more fun in life.

mong jit san:
Stupid people running the government cannot afford to have clever people
hanging around them. They become huge problems. They just cannot cope with
clever people around. In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is king.

From: FairToAll
Most factories in Singapore has majority Malaysian as employees, i.e.
over 50%. And this include top rank people like CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, etc.
I know this because I used to work in the Finance depts of a few of
them. In fact in one of them, their Shanghai branch have 90% Malaysian
management team.

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