Will they kill non-Muslim next...

From: baldeagle
Subject: Malaysia is being taken over by Muslim terrorists who burn churches, ..Will they kill non-Muslim next

Malaysia is in serious danger of becoming a terrorist country.

It started when the Malaysian authorities impose a rule to ban
Christians from using the world, Allah for God.... some time ago.
In recent months, authorities in Malaysia have seized more than 20,000
Bibles because they refer to God as "Allah,"
Last year, the National Fatwa Council -- the country's top Islamic
body -- banned Muslims from practising yoga, banned girls from wearing
jeans or wearing short hair..
Authorities in some states have forbidden bright lipstick and high-
heeled shoes...
An Islamic court judge upheld a verdict to cane a Muslim woman(the
wife of a Singaporean) for drinking beer in public.
Last year, a Sikh family lost a court battle to cremate a relative
(Islam radical seize his body
and buried him as a Muslim)

A few days ago, Islamic police stormed many hotels and arrested 52
young couples (mainly university students) and they will be fined and
jailed... for being in love and 'found in close proximity'
Yesterday morning, three churches were fire-bombed and burnt.
In a demo held Yesterday, extremist Muslims shouted "Allah Akbar"
repeatedly. The Malaysia police (mostly Muslims) did nothing to stop
them, and in so doing, tacitly encouraged the extremists to become
even more radical.

Clearly Malaysia is being radicalised. What will happen next ?
They Islamic extremists will certainly not stopped at just shouting
"Allah Akbar". This is just the beginning of more drastic actions ....
to create social unrest and riot. . may be like May 13 racial riots a
few decades ago.
It is sad...very sad.

Islamic extremists are taking over ...Malaysia is going to the dogs and pigs.


  1. And who first stir the hornets nest?

  2. I dont think any of this blogging helping anyone or any parties here.1st of all, being a muslim lady, doesnt matter oif she is the wife of a singaporean or what. She commited an offence under Syariah Law of Pahang. Which she knows herself is enected on here as a muslim who was born in Malaysia and being a Malay. She is Just a PR of Singapore and still a citizen of Malaysia.

    I think a few bloggers here who writes under certain names likes to talk about sensational stuffs. And by doing this creates havoc online. You guys are just seeding hatred here. Just because one of you guys who talk about something bad (eventhough you guys cant prove or understand the sensitivity of the issues) you guys are just creating hatred for others. Just because say a chinese guy write something bad oabout the malays. The entire chinese in Malaysia is sweared unto. Name calling, religious Bigotting and so on. Same goes to Indians as well. One guys talk crap, the entire Indian community is getting screwed because of you guys.
    I wish you guys can go writting with ya pictures and real name so ppl can actually know who the heck you guys are. I mean stop insulting others religion and race just because anything can be said online.
    Start respect others, because believe me or not. YOu guysv are not doing a good job in promoting your idea of a good nation. I do believe that many police reports have been done on you guys especially the Sultan Of Johore demise fiasco and the stupid statement on Islam True God.
    So pls be honest and reveal yourself. Because others are getting the heat that you guys are drumming up,