Malaysians accept Human Rights Watchdog report

From: Tanki <>
Subject: Malaysians accept Human Rights Watchdog report

We concurred with HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH report.
Posted by: limbilly

It said the Government harassed the Opposition, improperly restricted
the right to peaceful expression, association, and assembly, and
mistreated migrants.

When it comes to human rights, Malaysia is more about rhetoric than
reality, it said.

“The Malaysian Government appears to be more interested in pursuing
short-term political advantage rather than safeguarding rights,” said
Human Rights Watch deputy Asia director Phil Robertson.

The 612-page World Report 2010 reviewed human rights practices around
the world over the last year.

For obvious, somebody is in denial state, when the above reports were

Some of them even mentioned it is a perception. Yeah, perception my
dear foot.

When COW HEAD SOCCER match, no PDRM will take action. 50over unruly
youths gathered at National Mosque, NO action.

Yet, some candle vigil at Pakatan Front office or somewhere,
immediately arrest. Some cases, even dress in black also arrest.

Some perception, when Courts decides, the word is not exclusive, yet
crimes and abuses was hurl. Even more strongly, as the government,
they cannot respect the law.

They instead appeal against the Court of law. When Opposition was
announced rightful leader of Perak, they appeal also. Hence when
opposition challengge they courts, they tell them to repsect the

Human Rights is fully given to the populous group that supports the
underperformed, menteri-pelakon UMNO and very corrupted leadership. In
another words, CRONY UMNO LIKE IT.

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