Malays come on: Where are the calls for donation for Haiti

From: Politikus

Subject: Re: Malays come on: Where are the calls for donation for Haiti

On Jan 24, 4:43 pm, manjid wrote:

> A year ago malays here in SCM wrote a lot about world's "most"
> terrible suffering :GAZA.
> It seems that Haiti, where already 120.000 deaths have been uncovered
> do not get the same attention as the peope in GAZA.
> I wonder why...or do we already know why?

Selective blindness...? ;-p


  1. can you tell me how much 'big' country US donate for palestinian? I only know that they only donate weapons and technology to Israel to kill Palestinians.That's why if we Muslims dont help our brothers and sisters in GAZA, who else?You?welcome bro.~double standard~

  2. Funny lor when this blog owner tried to camouflage his/her blog... after that Almarhum fiasco. Don't play "baling batu sembunyi tangan" larr be "berani kerana benar" if u really the true fighther...

    FYI blog owner, we already download all your existing post cache into our HDD... now really can show the different punyaa. Now have an evidence maa ;) Thanks for tht TB technology yaa.

  3. as if you're doing anything about the Haitians.